Auteur Titre
Abe Hopf algebras
Abhyankar Algebraic geometry for scientists and engineers
Ahlfors Advances in the theory of Riemann surfaces
Ahlfors Complex analysis
Akhiezer Theory of linear operators in Hilbert space Vol 1
Akhiezer Theory of linear operators in Hilbert space Vol 2
Albert Structure of algebras
Alfsen Compact convex sets and boundary integrals
Anantharaman-Delaroche Amenable groupoids
Anantharaman et co Théorèmes ergodiques pour les actions de groupes
Artin Algèbre géometrique
Artin Etale homotopy
Atiyah Introduction to commutative algebra
Baez Introduction to Algebraic and Constructive Quantum Field Theory
Beals Advanced mathematical analysis
Beilinson Chiral algebras
Berberian Baer *-rings
Berberian Measure and integration
Bhat Lectures on operator theory
Bhatia Stability theory of dynamical systems
Blackadar K-theory for operator algebras
Blackadar Operator algebras
Blecher Operator algebras and their modules
Blumenthal Markov processes and potential theory
Bogolioubov Introduction à la théorie quantique des champs
Bonsall Complete normed algebras
Borel Introduction aux groupes arithmétiques
Borel Représentations de groupes localement compacts
Borevich Number theory
Brown Introduction to operator theory Vol 1
Brown C*-Algebras and Finite-Dimensional Approximations
Cappell Surveys on surgery theory Vol 1
Cappell Surveys on surgery theory Vol 2
Carmona Non-commutative harmonic analysis
Chari A guide to quantum groups
Cherednik Double affine Hecke algebras
Cherix Groups with the Haagerup property
Choquet Lectures on analysis Vol 1
Choquet Lectures on analysis Vol 2
Choquet Lectures on analysis Vol 3
Chriss Representation theory and complex geometry
Connes Géométrie non-commutative
Connes Noncommutative geometry
Connes Noncommutative geometry, Quantum Fields and Motives
Conway A course in functional analysis
Cooper Saks spaces and applications to functional analysis
Cuntz Cyclic homology in non-commutative geometry
Davidoff Elementary number theory, group theory and Ramanujan graphs
Davidson C*-algebras by example
De La Harpe Topics in geometric group theory
De La Harpe La propriété (T) de Kazhdan pour les groupes localement compacts
Dellacherie Capacités et processus stochastiques
Dellacherie Ensembles analytiques, capacités et mesures de Hausdorf
Desgraupes LaTeX (2 copies)
Diestel Geometry of Banach spaces
Dinculeanu Vector measures
Dixmier C*-algèbres et leurs représentations (2 copies)
Dixmier Les algèbres d’opérateurs dans l’espace Hilbertien (2 copies)
Dixmier Von Neumann algebras
Do Carmo Differential geometry of curves and surfaces
Dubreil Leçons d’algèbre moderne
Dunford Linear operators Vol 2
Dynkin Markov processes Vol 1
Dynkin Markov processes Vol 2
Eckmann Methodes algébriques en mécanique statistique
Effros Operator spaces
Elliott Algebra of quantics
Enock Kac algebras and duality of locally compact groups
Evans Operator algebras and applications Vol 1
Evans Operator algebras and applications Vol 2
Eymard Harmonic analysis
Fitzpatrick Orientation and the Leray-Schauder theory of fully nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems
Fraenkel Foundations of set theory
Frenkel Vertex algebras and algebraic curves
Gelfand Homological algebra
Gelfand Les anneaux normés commutatifs
Gelfand Methods of homological algebra
Ghys Sur les groupes hyperboliques
Gihman The theory of stochastic processes Vol 2
Glimm Quantum physics
Godement Analyse III
Gol’dman Problems in quantum mechanics
Goodman Coxeter graphs and towers of algebras
Goodman Nilpotent Lie groups
Gordon G-categories
Gordon The integrals of Lebesgue, Denjoy, Perron et Henstock
Grenander Probabilities on algebraic structures
Griffiths Principles of algebraic geometry
Grothendieck Espaces vectoriels topologiques
Grothendieck Produits tensoriels topologiques et espaces nucléaires
Guichardet Symmetric Hilbert spaces and related topics
Guichardet Systèmes dynamiques non commutatifs
Hale Theory of functional differential equations
Halmos Hilbert space problem book
Hanche-Olsen Jordan operator algebras
Hardy An introduction to the theory of numbers
Hassard Hopf bifurcation
Hecke Lectures on the theory of algebraic numbers
Hiai The semi-circle law, free random variables and entropy
Higson Analytic K-homology
Hogbe-Nlend Bornologies and functional analysis
Hormander Linear partial differential operators
Humphreys Conjugacy classes in semisimple algebraic groups
Humphreys Linear algebraic groups
Hunt Martingales et processus de Markov
Husemoller Fibre bundles
Ionescu-Tulcea Topics in the theory of lifting
Iosifescu Random processes
Ito Diffusion processes and their sample paths
Jacobson Structure of rings
Jech Set theory
Jensen, Thomson Elements of KK-theory
Johnson Cohomology in Banach algebras
Jones Introduction to subfactors
Kac Infinite dimensional groups with applications
Kac Vertex algebras for beginners
Kadison Fundamentals of the theory of operator algebras Vol 1
Kadison Fundamentals of the theory of operator algebras Vol 3
Kadison Fundamentals of the theory of operator algebras Vol 4
Kahane Some random theories of functions
Kaplansky Infinite abelian groups
Kapovich Hyperbolic manifolds and discrete groups
Karoubi K-theory An Introduction
Kashiwara Sheaves on manifolds
Kashiwara Bases cristallines des groupes quantiques
Kashiwara D-modules and microlocal calculus
Kassel Quantum Groups
Kato Perturbation theory of linear operators
Katz Random matrices, Frobenius eigenvalues and monodromy
Kelley Linear topological spaces
Khoan Distributions, analyse de Fourier, opérateurs aux dérivées partielles, tome 1
Khoan Distributions, analyse de Fourier, opérateurs aux dérivées partielles, tome 2
Knapp Lie groups beyond an introduction
Knapp Representation theory of semisimple groups
Kumar Kac-Moody groups, their flag varieties and representation theory
Kuratowski Topology
Lance Hilbert C*-modules
Lang Introduction aux variétés differentiables
Lang Rapport sur la cohomologie des groupes
Lang Algebra
Lions Problèmes aux limites non-homogènes Vol 1
Lions Problèmes aux limites non-homogènes Vol 2
Lions Problèmes aux limites non-homogènes Vol 3
Lithaka Algebraic geometry
Loday Cyclic homology
Lorring Lifting solutions to perturbing problems in C*-algebras
Lu Singularity theory and catastrophe theory
Lubotzky Discrete groups, expanding graphs and invariant measures
Lück L^2-invariants : theory and applications to geometry and K-theory
Mac Lane Homology
Madore An introduction to non-commutative geometry and its physical applications
Majid Foundations of quantum group theory
Marcolli Arithmetic noncommutative geometry
Marcus Number fields
Margulis Discrete subgroups of semisimple Lie groups
Marsden The Hopf bifurcation and its application
Mayer Outils topologiques et métriques
Maz’ya Jacques Hadamard, un mathématicien universel
Meyer Probabilités et potentiel
Mislin Proper group actions and the Baum-Connes conjecture
Monod Continuous bounded cohomology of locally compact groups
Montgomery Hopf algebras and their actions on rings
Montgomery New directions in Hopf algebras
Mumford Geometric invariant theory
Naimark Normed rings
Nakagami Duality of crossed products of von Neumann algebras
Neveu Calcul des probabilités
Ocneanu Actions of discrete amenable groups on von Neumann algebras
Oda Convex bodies and algebraic geometry
Ostrowski Vorlesungen uber Differential- und Integralrechnung Vol 1
Ostrowski Vorlesungen uber Differential- und Integralrechnung Vol 2
Ostrowski Vorlesungen uber Differential- und Integralrechnung Vol 3
Passmann The algebraic structure of group rings
Paterson Amenability
Paterson Groupoids, inverse semigroups and their operator algebras
Pedersen Analysis now
Pedersen C*-algebras and their automorphism groups
Pedersen C*-algebras and their automorphism groups
Pena Algebraic structures and their representations
Pham Mau Quan Introduction à la géométrie des variétés différentiables
Pietsch Nuclear locally convex spaces
Pisier Introduction to operator space theory
Pisier The volume of convex bodies and Banach space geometry
Pisier Similarity problems and completely bounded maps
Poston Taylor expansions and catastrophes
Pressley Loop groups
Pukansky Charactes of connected Lie groups
Radjavi Invariant subspaces
Reed Fourier analysis, self-adjointness Vol 2
Reed Functional analysis Vol 1
Reed Scattering theory Vol 3
Rickart Banach algebras
Rickart General theory of Banach algebras
Riesz Leçons d’analyse fonctionnelle
Roe Elliptic operators, topology and asymptotic methods
Rordam, Stormer Classification of nuclear C*-algebras. Entropy in Operator algebras
Rudin Fourier analysis on groups
Rudin Functional analysis
Sakai C*-algebras and W*-algebras
Sakai Operator algebras in dynamical systems
Samuel Théorie algébrique des nombres
Schwartz Méthodes mathématiques pour les sciences physiques
Schwartz Théorie des distributions à valeurs vectorielles
Schweber An introduction to relativistic quantum field theory
Seroul Petit livre de TeX
Serre Représentations linéaires des groupes finis
Serre Trees
Shoenfield Mathematical logic
Simon Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle Part 1 : Classical Theory
Simon Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle Part 2 : Spectral Theory
Sinclair Hochschil cohomology of von Neumann algebras
Srivastava A course on Borel sets
Stratila Lectures on von Neumann algebras
Stratila Modular theory in operator algebras
Takesaki Theory of operator algebras Vol 1
Takesaki Theory of operator algebras Vol 2
Takesaki Theory of operator algebras Vol 3
Takesaki Tomita theory of modular Hilbert algebras
Tenenbaum Introduction à la théorie analytique et probabiliste des nombres
Timmermann An invitation to Quantum Groups and Duality
Tits Buildings of spherical type and finite BN-pairs
Treves Topological vector spaces, distributions and kernels
Tyrrell Convex analysis
Valette Introduction to the Baum-Connes conjecture
Van Daele Continuous crossed products of type III von Neumann algebras
Varadarajan Harmonic analysis on real reductive groups
Vasilescu Teoria operatorilor si algebre de operatori
Voiculescu Free random variables
Von Neumann Collected works Vol 3
Von Neumann Collected works Vol 4
Walters An introduction to ergodic theory
Warner Harmonic analysis on semi-simple Lie groups I
Warner Harmonic analysis on semi-simple Lie groups II
Warner Foundations of differentiable manifolds and Lie groups
Waterhouse Introduction to affine group schemes
Weil L’intégration dans les groupes topologiques et ses applications
Wiggins Introduction to applied non-linear dynamical systems and chaos
Wybourne Classical groups for physicists
Yamanouchi Duality for actions and coactions of measured groupoids on von Neumann algebras
Yosida Functional analysis
Zariski Commutative algebra
Zimmer Ergodic theory and semisimple groups