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PhD Students - English

Welcome to the IMJ-PRG Phd students’ website. Here you can find information, links, and more to help you through your PhD or your ATER. Its conception is a joint effort, if you want to give a hand, don’t hesitate, please contact the BDD.

For the new PhD students, you’ll find essential information concerning your arrival in the laboratory in the Newcomer section. You can find information about the BDD members in the BDD section, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

In order to limit the quantity of junk mail every mail adress on this site has seen its symbol "@" replaced by the string "(AT)". Do the reverse substitution to obtain the proper mail adress.

If you have an administrative issue, you should contact the head manager of the laboratory, Mrs Ayano Tanaka ayano.tanaka(AT), her office in Jussieu is the 404, corridor 15-16, 4th floor and in Sophie Germain it is 828, 8th floor.

See you soon!