CNRS Paris Diderot Sorbonne Université

New PhD student at Sophie Germain

If you are a new PhD student at IMJ-PRG, here are the steps you must take to enrol and get the key to an office :

1. Enrolling IMJ-PRG :
Your thesis advisor must ask for your enrollment to your research team’s head. When the form is filled and your enrolment is done, you will receive an e-mail adress “” with login and password for your imj-prg web account.

2. Building access :
To access the Sophie Germain building, you will need a special entry card. Ask it via e-mail (with your new e-mail adress!) to ayano.tanaka[AT]

3. Asking for an office :
Send an e-mail to the bdd-prg(AT) We will attribute an office to you, and we will set up a meeting to give you the key, to give you a tour of the building, and to help you with other administration tasks.

4. How to obtain a key to the administrative restaurant? :
If you signed a contract with the Université Paris 7 (and in a few other cases), You can ask for a restaurant card by filling in the form below and sending it to restauration.drho(AT) Unfortunately the document is in french, but don’t hesitate to ask for help to fill it. On this form you may ask for access to both CROUS restaurants and the ministry of youth and sport restaurant. We recommend you ask for both since no fee is required to get registered at either of those.

A specific card will grant you access and provide you with subsidies at the Youth and sport ministry staff restaurant on avenue de France. With subsidies a meal can range from 2€ to 7€ depending on the menu and how much you eat. The CROUS has a 3.25€ fixed price for a meal in restaurant and you’ll have access to some cafeteria providing sandwiches and salads around SG. You also can eat at any CROUS restaurant in France provided you have your french student card.

5. Asking for a computer :
IMJ attributes every PhD student a budget for a new computer. For more information, you will have to contact your research team manager.

6. Access to underground car parking :
You will have to contact grands Moulins security headquarter to ask for access authorisation. A copy of your car registration document and of the vehicule insurance is required.