Séminaires : Séminaire d'Algèbre

Equipe(s) : gr,
Responsables :J. Alev, D. Hernandez, B. Keller, Th. Levasseur, et S. Morier-Genoud.
Email des responsables : Jacques Alev <jacques.alev@univ-reims.fr>, David Hernandez <david.hernandez@imj-prg.fr>, Bernhard Keller <bernhard.keller@imj-prg.fr>, Thierry Levasseur <Thierry.Levasseur@univ-brest.fr>, Sophie Morier-Genoud <sophie.morier-genoud@imj-prg.fr>
Salle : à distance / remote. Info sur https://researchseminars.org/seminar/paris-algebra-seminar
Adresse :IHP

Depuis le 23 mars 2020, le séminaire se tient à distance. Pour les liens et mots de passe, merci de contacter l'un des organisateurs ou de souscrire à la liste de diffusion https://listes.math.cnrs.fr/wws/info/paris-algebra-seminar. L'information nécessaire sera envoyée par courrier électronique peu avant chaque exposé. Les notes et transparents sont disponibles ici.


Since March 23, 2020, the seminar has been taking place remotely. For the links and passwords, please contact one of the organizers or

subscribe to the mailing list at https://listes.math.cnrs.fr/wws/info/paris-algebra-seminar. The connexion information will be emailed shortly before each talk. Slides and notes are available here.


Orateur(s) Norihiro Hanihara - Nagoya,
Titre Cluster categories of formal dg algebras
Horaire14:00 à 15:00
RésumeCluster categories are Calabi-Yau triangulated categories endowed with cluster tilting objects. They have played an important role in the (additive) categorification of cluster algebras. We study the version developed by Amiot-Guo-Keller, which is defined in terms of CY dg algebras. Given a negatively graded (non-dg) CY algebra, we view it as a dg algebra with trivial differential. We give a description of the cluster category of such a formal dg algebra as the triangulated hull of an orbit category of a derived category, and also as the singularity category of a finite dimensional algebra. Furthermore, if time permits, we will talk about a certain converse of this construction, giving a Morita-type theorem for CY triangulated categories arising from hereditary algebras, partially generalizing that of Keller-Reiten.
Salleà distance / remote. Info sur https://researchseminars.org/seminar/paris-algebra-seminar