Orateur(s) Viktor Ginzburg - University of California, Santa Cruz,
Titre From Symplectic Topology to Dynamics: Topological entropy and Floer theory
Horaire17:00 à 18:00

Symplectic topology is an off-spring of Hamiltonian dynamics. Although the two fields went on largely independent trajectories about four decades ago, some areas in symplectic topology have remained strongly connected to dynamics and vice versa. In this talk we will examine several aspects of the interaction between the two fields, focusing on dynamics questions which are within the grasp of symplectic topology but remained unexplored till very recently. In particular, we will discuss a connection between Floer theory and topological entropy, giving a new interpretation of the latter in dimension two. The talk, based on joint work with Erman Cineli and Basak Gurel, will be non-technical and intended for a broad audience.