Sorbonne Université CNRS Paris Diderot

Séminaire Général de Logique

Roots of exponential polynomials

Paola d'Aquino - Università della Campania

lundi 21 janvier 2019 à 15:10

Zilber identifies a new class of exponential fields (pseudo-exponential fields), and proves a categoricity result for every uncountable cardinality. He conjectures that the classical complex exponential field is the unique model of power continuum. Some of the axioms of Zilber have a geometrical nature and they guarantee solvability of systems of exponential equations over the field. In the last 15 years much attention has been given to extend classical results for the complex exponential field to the pseudo-exponential fields, and vice versa much effort has been put in proving for the complex field properties of solutions of exponential polynomials which follow from the axioms of Zilber. Analytic methods have been substituted by algebraic and geometrical arguments. I will review some of the first results on this and I will present more recent ones obtained in collaboration with A. Fornasiero and G. Terzo

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