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Séminaire Général de Logique

Higher amalgamation in measurable structures

David Evans - Imperial College London

lundi 20 mai 2019 à 15:10

Measurable structures were introduced by Macpherson and Steinhorn in 2008. Their definition abstracts certain properties of pseudofinite fields (following work of Chatzidakis, van den Dries and Macintyre) and has as a consequence that MS-measurable structures are supersimple of finite rank.

We give a higher amalgamation property which holds in MS-measurable structures (and more general contexts) which is a straightforward consequence of an infinitary formulation due to Towsner of the Hypergraph Removal Lemma.

It is an open question whether omega-categorical MS-measurable structures are necessarily one-based. Hrushovski constructions could potentially give counterexamples, but it is not known whether these can be MS-measurable. However, as a consequence of the higher amalgamation result, we can at least give an example of an omega-categorical supersimple Hrushovski construction which is not MS-measurable.

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