Séminaires : Séminaire Groupes Réductifs et Formes Automorphes

Equipe(s) : fa, tn,
Responsables :Alexis Bouthier, Benoît Stroh
Email des responsables : alexis.bouthier@imj-prg.fr, benoit.stroh@imj-prg.fr
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Orateur(s) Jochen HEINLOTH - University of Amsterdam,
Titre Uniformization for $\mathcal{G}$-bundles on curves.
Horaire14:00 à 15:00
RésumeAny torsor under a semisimple group on a smooth projective curve becomes trivial when one removes a point from the curve. Pappas and Rapoport conjectured that a similar result should hold for torsors under a semisimple Bruhat-Tits-group scheme on a curve. We give a prove of this conjecture and deduce some results on the modulistack of torsors, which have also been conjectured by Pappas and Rapoport.