Séminaires : Séminaire Groupes, Représentations et Géométrie

Equipe(s) : gr,
Responsables :A. Brochier, O. Brunat, J.-Y. Charbonnel, O. Dudas, E. Letellier, D. Juteau, M. Varagnolo, E. Vasserot
Email des responsables : Adrien Brochier <adrien.brochier@imj-prg.fr>, Olivier Brunat <olivier.brunat@imj-prg.fr>, Jean-Yves Charbonnel <jean-yves.charbonnel@imj-prg.fr>, Olivier Dudas <olivier.dudas@imj-prg.fr>, Emmanuel Letellier <emmanuel.letellier@imj-prg.fr>, Daniel Juteau <daniel.juteau@imj-prg.fr>, Michela Varagnolo <varagnol@math.u-cergy.fr>, Eric Vasserot <eric.vasserot@imj-prg.fr>
Salle : salle 2015, 2em étage,
Adresse :Sophie Germain

Orateur(s) Ke CHEN - Université d'Orsay,
Titre On inner products of some Deligne--Lusztig type representations
Horaire10:30 à 11:30
RésumeHigher Deligne--Lusztig theory is a geometric approach to the smooth representations of reductive groups over a complete discrete valuation ring. Recently, (joint work with Stasinski) at even levels the associated geometrically constructed representations were shown to be certain induced representations constructed by Gerardin, thus answered a question of Lusztig at even levels. I will first give an introduction to Deligne--Lusztig theory, and then report this result. Then I will introduce a family of varieties naturally generalising the varieties in the above work, and discuss a possible generalisation of the key step to this general family.
Sallesalle 2015, 2em étage,
AdresseSophie Germain