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Orateur(s) Léo BRUNSWIC - Avignon,
Titre Polyhedral surfaces in Cauchy-compact 3-dimensional flat spacetimes with BTZ-like singularities with help from Teichmüller
Horaire13:30 à 15:00
RésumeIn the 1990's, T'Hooft suggested to study 3-dimensional singular flat spacetimes with polyhedral Cauchy-surfaces as toy model to understand quantum gravity. This motivates the study of singular spacetimes however the type of a singularity in a Lorentzian manifold depends on both the type of the axis and the causality around it which strongly contrast with the riemannian context. BTZ-like singularities are limit cases of "massive particles" which are close Lorentzian equivalent to conical singularities.
We present some classification results on Cauchy-compact spacetimes with BTZ and present ramifications of the convex hull method used by Penner to construct a cellulation of his decorated Teichmüller space.
AdresseSophie Germain