Séminaires : Séminaire sur les Singularités

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Responsables :André BELOTTO, Hussein MOURTADA, Matteo RUGGIERO, Bernard TEISSIER
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Salle : salle 1016
Adresse :Sophie Germain

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Orateur(s) Walter Neumann - Analytic invariants from bilipschitz geometry,
Titre Séminaire sur les Singularités
Horaire16:00 à 18:00
Résume(Joint work with Anne Pichon). If one considers a complex analytic germ with its outer bilipschitz geometry just as a topological object, i.e., a metric space with metric only determined up to bilipschitz equivalence, one can often still recover a large amount of analytic information about the germ. Anne Pichon, near the end of her seminar talk two weeks ago, described many of the analytic invariants of a normal surface germ that can still be seen when only its topology and bilipschitz metric are known. After reviewing this I will describe some of the techniques we use to recover these invariants.
Sallesalle 1016
AdresseSophie Germain