Séminaires : Séminaire d'Analyse Fonctionnelle

Equipe(s) : af,
Responsables :E. Abakoumov - A.Eskenazis - D. Cordero-Erausquin - M. Fathi - O. Guédon - B. Maurey
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Salle : salle 13 - couloir 15-16 - 4ème étage
Adresse :Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
Le Jeudi à 10h30 -  IMJ-PRG - 4 place Jussieu - 75005 PARIS

Orateur(s) Tuomas Hytönen - Univ. of Helsinki,
Titre Of commutators and Jacobians
Horaire10:30 à 13:30
Résumehe L^p boundedness of commutators [b,T] = bT-Tb of pointwise multiplication b and singular integral operators T has been well studied for a long time. There are also many results about L^p to L^q boundedness for pq. I will supply the missing pieces to present a complete picture of the L^p to L^q boundedness for all finite p,q>1, and relate the regime of exponents p>q to the mapping properties of the Jacobian on first order Sobolev spaces.
Sallesalle 13 - couloir 15-16 - 4ème étage
AdresseCampus Pierre et Marie Curie