Séminaires : Géométrie et Théorie des Modèles

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Responsables :Zoé Chatzidakis, Raf Cluckers
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Pour les personnes ne connaissant pas du tout de théorie des modèles, des notes introduisant les notions de base (formules, ensembles définissables, théorème de compacité, etc.) sont disponibles ici : http://www.logique.jussieu.fr/~zoe/papiers/MTluminy.dvi. Ces personnes peuvent aussi consulter les premiers chapitres du livre Model Theory and Algebraic Geometry, E. Bouscaren ed., Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1696, Berlin 1998.Retour ligne automatique
Les notes de quelques-uns des exposés sont disponibles.

Orateur(s) Silvain RIdeau - IMJ-PRG,
Titre H-minimality
Horaire16:00 à 17:30

My goal, in this talk, is to explain a new notion of minimality for (characteristic zero) Henselian fields, which generalizes C-minimality, P-minimality and V-minimality and puts no restriction on the residue field or valued group contrary to these previous notions. This new notion, h-minimality, can be defined, analogously to other minimality notions, by asking that 1-types, over algebraically closed sets, are entirely determined by their reduct to some sublanguage - in that case the pure language of valued fields. However, contrary to what happens with other minimality notions, particular care has to be taken with regards to the parameters. In fact, we define a family of notions: l-h-min for l a natural number or omega. My second goal in this talk will be to explain the various geometric properties that follow form h-minimality, among which the well-known Jacobian property, but also higher degree and higher dimensional versions of that property.

SalleENS, Salle W