Séminaires : Séminaire Théorie des Nombres

Equipe(s) : fa, tn, tga,
Responsables :Marc Hindry, Bruno Kahn, Wieslawa Niziol, Cathy Swaenepoel
Email des responsables : cathy.swaenepoel@imj-prg.fr
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Orateur(s) Giulio Orecchia - Université de Rennes,
Titre The strict log jacobian of a log smooth curve
Horaire14:00 à 15:00
An abelian variety over the fraction field K of a discrete valuation ring R admits a canonical smooth model over R, the Neron model. However, if we allow R to be a regular ring of higher dimension, the same does not hold. The talk will be about smooth group-models of jacobians of curves with nodal degeneration. I will introduce the concepts of log and tropical jacobian, recently redefined by Molcho and Wise, and deduce a criterion for existence of a Neron model in terms of quasi-finiteness of the strict tropical jacobian. I will further give a simple description of the category of all smooth, separated group-models of the jacobian.
Sallesalle 502, couloir 15-25, Jussieu
AdresseCampus Pierre et Marie Curie