Séminaires : Séminaire de Systèmes Dynamiques

Equipe(s) : gd,
Responsables :H. Eliasson, B. Fayad, R. Krikorian, P. Le Calvez
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Salle : 15-25-502
Adresse :Campus Pierre et Marie Curie

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Hébergé par le projet Géométrie et Dynamique de l’IMJ

Orateur(s) Enrique Pujals - Cuny,
Titre Dynamics of Henon maps with zero entropy
Horaire14:00 à 15:45
RésumeI will focus on surface diffeomorphisms with zero entropy: can the dynamics of these 'simple' systems be described? how does it bifurcate to positive entropy systems? These questions will be discussed for a class of volume-contracting surface diffeomorphisms whose dynamics is intermediate between one-dimensional dynamics and general surface dynamics. It includes the dynamics of any Hénon diffeomorphism with Jacobian smaller than 1/4. In particular, we will prove that any Hénon map with zero entropy and Jacobian smaller than 1/4 "can be renormalized". As a consequence, we obtained a two-dimensional version of Sharkovsky's theorem about the set of periods of interval maps. This is part of a joint work with S. Crovisier and C. Tresser If the time permits we will discuss a work in progress with Sylvain Crovisier, Misha Lyubich and Jonguk Jang about the bounded geometry of those renormalizable systems.
AdresseCampus Pierre et Marie Curie