Séminaires : Séminaire Théorie des Nombres

Equipe(s) : fa, tn, tga,
Responsables :Marc Hindry, Bruno Kahn, Wieslawa Niziol, Cathy Swaenepoel
Email des responsables : cathy.swaenepoel@imj-prg.fr
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Orateur(s) Xinyi Yuan - BICMR, Peking University,
Titre A uniform Bogomolov conjecture for curves over global fields
Horaire14:00 à 15:00
RésumeIn the recent breakthrough on the uniform Mordell-Lang problem by Dimitrov-Gao-Habegger and Kühne, their key new theorem is a uniform Bogomolov conjecture for curves over number fields. In this talk, we introduce a refinement and generalization of the uniform Bogomolov conjecture over global fields, as a consequence of bigness of some adelic line bundles. The treatment is based on the new theory of adelic line bundles of Yuan--Zhang and the admissible pairing over curves of Zhang.
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