Séminaires : Théorie des modèles et groupes

Equipe(s) : lm,
Responsables :Z. Chatzidakis, F. Oger, F. Point
Email des responsables : zoe.chatzidakis@imj-prg.fr
Salle : 1013
Adresse :Salle 1013

Pour recevoir le programme, écrivez à oger_at_math.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Le mardi à 16h00 en salle  1013 (Sophie Germain) - http://semgrp.imj-prg.fr pour plus de renseignements.

Orateur(s) Stefan Ludwig - DMA,
Titre Difference fields with an additive character on the fixed field
Horaire17:00 à 18:30

Motivated by work of Hrushovski on pseudofinite fields with an additive character, we introduce the theory ACFA+ which is the model companion of the theory of difference fields with an additive character on the fixed field. In this talk, we will present some basic properties of ACFA+ and see that it is given as the limit theory of the algebraic closure of finite fields with the standard character on the fixed field. Afterwards we will focus on type-amalgamation in ACFA+ and explain how 3-amalgamation already differs from the classical context in ACFA. If the time permits, we will explain how this reflects in model-theoretic Galois groups, notably the Kim-Pillay group.

AdresseSalle 1013