Séminaires : Séminaire Groupes Réductifs et Formes Automorphes

Equipe(s) : fa, tn,
Responsables :Alexis Bouthier, Francesco Lemma
Email des responsables : alexis.bouthier@imj-prg.fr, francesco.lemma(at)imj-prg.fr
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Orateur(s) Urs HARTL - Université de Münster,
Titre Uniformizing the moduli stacks of global G-shtukas at colliding legs
Horaire10:30 à 12:00

Moduli stacks of global $G$-Shtukas play an important role in the global Langlands program over function fields. They were used in the proof of the function field global Langlands conjecture by Drinfeld, Lafforgue etc. In this talk, I will speak on my joint work with Yujie Xu, where we show that the moduli spaces of suitably bounded global $G$-Shtukas with colliding legs satisfy a $p$-adic uniformization isomorphism by Rapoport-Zink spaces. If time permits, I will mention some applications (e.g. to the Langlands-Rapoport conjecture over function field).

AdresseSophie Germain