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Le jeudi à 14h.
septembre-décembre Sophie-Germain, janvier-mars ENS, avril-juin Jussieu

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Orateur(s) Giulia Saccà - ,
Titre The Hodge numbers of OG10 via Ngo strings I
Horaire14:00 à 15:00

I will report on joint work with M. de Cataldo and A. Rapagnetta, in which we compute the Hodge numbers of the 10-dimensional hyperkähler manifold known as OG10. This is done by comparing the cohomology of OG10 with the cohomology of certain HK manifolds of K3^[n]-type, which is known. For this we use Ngô's support theorem applied to several Lagrangian abelian fibrations appearing naturally in the picture. In the first lecture I will give an overview of the arguments, while in the second one I will give more details.

SalleSalle W