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Le jeudi à 14h.
septembre-décembre Sophie-Germain, janvier-mars ENS, avril-juin Jussieu

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Orateur(s) Susanna Zimmermann - ,
Titre Involutions of the real projective plane
Horaire14:00 à 15:00
l'exposé sera aussi diffusé par ZOOM:870 3083 2332, demander le mot de passe à Olivier Benoist, Olivier Debarre ou Frederic Han, ou inscrivez vous sur la liste de diffusion
The group of birational maps of the complex plane is very large and involutions are among the first examples we meet. The question about their classification is thus very old, starting with a list by Bertini, and the full classification was achieved by Bayle-Beauville about 20 years ago. It turns out that the conjugacy classes of non-linear maps are completely determined by their fixed curve. This fails for birational involutions of the real projective plane, and in this talk I will motivate their classification. This is a collaboration with I. Cheltsov, F. Mangolte and E. Yasinsky.