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Le jeudi à 14h.
septembre-décembre Sophie-Germain, janvier-mars ENS, avril-juin Jussieu

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Orateur(s) Paolo Stellari - ,
Titre Deformations of stability conditions with applications to Hilbert schemes of points and very general abelian varieties
Horaire14:00 à 15:00

Abstract:The construction of stability conditions on the bounded derived
category of coherent sheaves on smooth projective varieties is
notoriously a difficult problem, especially when the canonical bundle
 is trivial. In this talk, I will illustrate a new and very effective
 technique based on deformations. A key ingredient is a general result
 about deformations of bounded t-structures (and with some additional
and mild assumptions). Two remarkable applications are the
 construction of stability conditions for very general abelian
 varieties in any dimension and for some irreducible holomorphic
 symplectic manifolds, again in all possible dimensions. This is joint
 work with C. Li, E. Macri' and X. Zhao.

SalleJussieu 15-16 413
AdresseCampus Pierre et Marie Curie