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Le jeudi à 14h.
septembre-décembre Sophie-Germain, janvier-mars ENS, avril-juin Jussieu

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Orateur(s) Shengxuan Liu - ,
Titre A note on spherical bundles on K3 surfaces
Horaire14:00 à 15:00
Abstract: Let S be a K3 surface with the bounded derived category D^b(S). Let E be a spherical object in D^b(S). Then there always exists a non-zero object F satisfying RHom(E,F)=0. Further, there exists a spherical bundle E on some K3 surfaces that is unstable with respect to all polarization on S. Also we “count”  spherical bundles with a fixed Mukai vector. These provide (partial) answers to some questions of Huybrechts. This is a joint work with Chunyi Li.
SalleENS Salle W