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Ecole d'Eté de l'IMJ-PRG : 'Representation theory and flag or quiver varieties' - 13 au 17 juin 2022

The geometric representation theory has developed in many directions recently. The aim of this school is to give an introduction to several new technics in complex geometry with possible applications to representation theory. In particular, we’ll focus on Quantum cohomology and K-theory, Stable envelopes, Quiver varieties, Cluster algebras…

Courses :

After the school there will be a 3-days workshop with research talks on the same topics.

The speakers will be :

Organizing committee : N. Perrin (Université Paris-Saclay), O. Schiffmann (Université Paris-Saclay), E. Vasserot (Université de Paris), M. Varagnolo (Université Cergy-Paris)

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Date limite d'inscription : 15 mars 2022

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